Technical Book Reviewer Experience

In May, I had a contact from Packt Publishing. They told me they found me from Github and proposed a technical book reviewer role in the new WildFly book(WildFly Configuration, Deployment and Administration). In return, they will send me a free copy and add my name in the reviewer (acknowledgement) section. Without thinking about it twice, I accepted the offer. One of the reasons was the topic was directly related to one of my current project – migrating Weblogic to JBoss (EAP). The reviewing requirement was below.

  • Have to follow their schedule – 1 chapter in every 4 days.
  • Fill out the chapter questionnaire – about 10 questions related to improvement, expect to see materials, missing materials, recommendations, etc.

When I reviewed each chapter, I had to check the flow WildFly Configuration, Deployment and Administrationand technical accuracy. It was much different than reading to understand the concept. Some questions to consider during the review:

  • What do you want to see more of in the chapter?
  • Have the author left out any important topics?
  • Is the flow of the content logical?
  • Are the code examples correct?
  • What could the author do to make the book more interesting?
  • Have the author explained the concepts clearly enough?
  • Does the chapter provide necessary reference information?

On average, I spent 2-7 hours reviewing total 11 chapters from June – September. In total, about 45 hours. In November, the book was finally published and I received a hard copy!


Packt Publishing used to have a link to allow you to register as a potential reviewer, but currently link is not available after their site has been upgraded.

Below is the links to other publishing company’s reviewer program. Even though you don’t get paid, it is a valuable experience.