Putting it together – Yeoman, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Grunt, Jasmine, Karma

After going through Front-End JavaScript Framework course at Coursera.org, I decide to present something in our Lunch & Learn next week. In order to re-enforce my knowledge, I’ve built two small proof of concept web applications using technologies listed above – AngularJS application using task runners. With Yeoman, I was able to build/deploy really quickly without thinking too much about the dependencies.

Front end technology has been evolved so much and it is a mind boggling to select which JavaScript framework I want to use for my web application. Even keeping it up is very challenge. Of course, there is good old Java template engine (JSP), but it is not the technology that you’d create a Sing Page Application with.

Here is the presentation done by Prezi and two projects in the Github (PoC2, PoC3). PoC3 README.md contains step by step guidance along with the source code. I am planning to enhance these projects into Cloud base applications such as IoT management dashboard in the near future.