Article: The New Cloud You: Adapting Skill Set and Mindset for Success in the Cloud

Very good article from Oracle. This article explains how cloud solution impacts skill sets and paradigm shift in terms of providing a solution in the cloud as a Solution Architect

Few points from the article.

  • Infrastructure-related skills are no longer needed, and performance tuning, beyond the code level, is also irrelevant.
  • With SaaS, the biggest challenge has been meeting clients’ expectations of reduced implementation costs and shorter timelines. For PaaS, architecting solutions requires a completely different mindset. You need to factor in service compatibility, availability, and security.
  • PaaS – code development, testing, and quality assurance are relevant. Deployment and management concepts have carried over as well while the tooling has changed. For example, more online code repositories such as Git are gaining popularity.
  • Detailed infrastructure design and planning, deployment, and procurement skills are no longer needed as much, built-in templates and the ability of applications to auto-scale change the game significantly.
  • The rapid deployment cycles expected from the cloud have raised expectations for rapid development lifecycles. Agile development is the new norm, and the usual past behavior of a drawn-out implementation with lots of bodies and complex infrastructure provisioning has become history. The entire focus is on getting a solution up and running. In the cloud, principles of solution architecture and platform architecture are different.

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