Presentation Technique Workshop

Have you ever seen your own presentation in a video? Unless you are a professional presenter, probably you haven’t seen your own presentation video. Yesterday, I had a presentation technique workshop and witnessed two of my presentations. First session was done in the morning without any feedback. After a feedback, another session in the afternoon.

What a difference! In the morning session, I ran out of my time almost toward end. I’ve noticed few things in my presentation.

  • Too many “and”. It is okay for most of times, but several occasions, it was too much.
  • Hand gestures. Some occasions, it was okay because of context, but some situation, I looked like a fly. Especially, in the beginning, I know I have a habit of rubbing my hands, but it was little too much.
  • Eye contact. It was generally okay, but I noticed that about 3 seconds in one direction looks better.

Overall, second presentation looks much better without having too much above. It was a great experience to watch my own 10 minutes presentations.


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