Creative, Serious and Playful Science of Android Apps – Coursera course experience

When I was waiting for an Android Course in November, a friend of mine told me about this playful Android course. I always wanted to put my hands on Android development but higher priority work always take precedence because no Android project at work.


The course focused on the beginners in first half and second half was little bit advanced topics. The videos are fun to watch, especially, a professor with a British accent was very animated. Especially last video, he posted geeky music video made by him!

There are few points I’d like to remember from this course.

  • Finding my phone driver wasn’t fun in the beginning. I don’t know why it is so hard to find Galaxy S2 phone driver.
  • Better emulator. I remember I had first emulator installed few years ago on my old work laptop. It was so slow at that time. It is not lightening speed, but much better than before and workable.
  • One thing I’ve noticed, actual phone works much better. Of course, a phone has its own CPU and no need to depend on laptop’s CPU.
  • Stop Eclipse, kill adb.exe and restart Eclipse if Emulator or my phone do not work.
  • No luck running xxhdpi base emulator.
  • In general, Activity, Intent, Fragment are straight forward. However, playing around the layout is very tedious and time consuming work. It will take lots of time to make things look right.
  • This course focused on hands-on work rather than spending time on theory, so it was fun to work on various assignments. However, there is no extension of assignment and mid-January to early February was particularly hard because of the other Android course overlapped with this course.


It was a great course! I got to play with music and pictures on the Android App. Most importantly, I had so much fun with this course! I am also taking Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems now (started in January). The Playful Android course helped me a lot as I am working through Labs in this course. My goal is building an application that can be shared and used by close friends and family.