Personality Test – INTJ

I remember had this test when I was in the University. I don’t remember what type I was, but I remember it was “I” introvert.

Here is the link for the free personality test Here. Result Description Here. Strength & weakness Here.

Some famous INTJs:

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia
Augustus Caesar, Roman emperor
Paul Krugman, a famous American economist
Rudy Giuliani, former New York mayor
Donald Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of Defense
Colin Powell, U.S. Secretary of State
Lance Armstrong
Richard Gere, actor
Hannibal, military leader of Carthage
Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor and California governor
Thomas Jefferson, a former U.S. president
John F. Kennedy, a former U.S. president
Woodrow Wilson, the former U.S. president
Walter White (“Heisenberg”) from “Breaking Bad”
Gandalf the Grey from The Lord of the Rings
Hannibal and Clarice Starling from “Silence of the Lambs”
Professor Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes’ enemy
Gregory House from “House, M.D.”