How to improve the skills beyond work?

Article from Native Blogger. In my opinion, skills can be improved by learning from the work. However, just like below article points out, just doing the task at work will not be enough, especially technology evolves so fast.


Few programmers would love to code most of the time . When they code at work , they are bound to just work at the tasks given to me and sometimes feel shortage of the expectation . What are the different ways by which the programmers can improve the skills beyond their work ?

Below are some interesting things that programmers can do to improve their skills beyond work.

  1. Code something in your free time but do not over do it.
  2. Pick up a open source project and contribute to it.
  3. Read some interesting books both technical and non technical.
  4. Presentation of some interesting topics to your colleagues or friends.
  5. Get involved with the User Community.
  6. Take up a course of your interest .
  7. Don’t open your computer during weekend . Spend more time with the family and friends.

My opinion

  1. Set aside annual training budget. I think this makes it easier to plan your own training.
  2. Read various technology blogs.
  3. Attend various programming conferences.
  4. Network with people with similar interests.
  5. Another interesting thing can do is Pair Programming.

Last thing. An article “how to thrive in the tech industry for decades“. This article reflects many things. One thing I learn from it – Being Proactive about your life long learning.


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