MMOST – Mind Map Organic Study Technique

Interesting topic, isn’t it? I have been reading Tony Buzan‘s Mind Map books in last few years, but haven’t actively use the techniques that he suggested in his books. Recently, I read a book about Mind Map Organic Study Technique (MMOST). The reason why I was particularly interested in this technique was that it makes me believe the technique will save me great time and effort and  maximize the effects.

Here are the steps of MMOST.

In the big picture, the whole process consists of two phase : Preparation and Application.


  1. Browse : Spend about 10 minutes to go through the book as if you are skimming through a book at a bookstore. The goal is to “Feel” for how book is organized by noting its structure, layout, use of diagram.
  2. Budget Time and Amount : Spend 5 minutes to plan how much time you’d spend and amount of data (text) that you’d study. Usually, I am having a hard time to budget my time and amount because naturally you want to accomplish everything that you need/must accomplish. However, without having this step, it will likely demoralize me and eventually nothing get accomplished (from my own experience….).
  3. Mind Map What You Know : Spend 5 minutes or so and do a quick mind map what you know. This step makes your brain to be ready for the learning. Also, I personally think that this can be act as the “Hook” for the new learning.
  4. Questions and Goal : Spend 10 minutes to do another mind map. This will let you measure if you accomplish your goal or not. Also, I personally think this works as “Hook” from the other side. Above “Hook” will help you to connect to existing knowledge and this “Hook” will help you to grab new knowledge.

Preparation : 30 minutes.


  1. Overview : Read headlines, graphics, pictures, diagram, and tables. Don’t read any text. The objective of this phase is to stimulate “Feeling” memory in the brain. By going through this step, you will have a central image of the mind map that you will create at the end of the learning.
  2. Preview : Now beginning to focus on the language structure. Focus on the begging and end of the paragraphs and chapters. Look for the summary or conclusion. The important thing is that you don’t need to read ALL contents. The goal should be to focus on the “Goal” that you set in the Preparation Step 4, so you are in a good position to select or reject the information that you do not need to know.
  3. Inview : Start filling the gaps. It depends on the “Goal” that you set. You can skip this part if you accomplish the goal. Later you set another goal and you can still reiterate the steps.
  4. Continuing Review : Redraw the map. A day later and compare with your original map. If the topic is really important, re-draw it in one week, one month, and one year.
  5. Next step : In my opinion, write something in blog will re-enforce your learning. With the mind map and blog, the learning will stay longer.

The MMOST is very useful technique to learn, understand, and remember new information. Even though I understand and agree all the benefits, often time I find myself reading books without applying this technique. Because of this reason, I am writing this blog post. I want to reiterate the importance and benefit of the MMOST to myself and want to apply this technique more often for all my learning in the future.


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