Cygpath utility issue

So, I got the Cygwin started without any issue. However, when I execute the command to compile java code, it complains NoClass Def Found exception. Cygwin can’t find ant.jar in the classpath. I looked at the classpath, it was defintely wrong. Previous “.” was translated into “c;” and all other directories are prefixed with Cygwin home directory.

I found that there are some issues with new version of Cygwin utility command “cygpath”. I used –path –windows to convert the CLASSPATH to Cygwin format, but it didn’t work. Only solution that I found was to use two steps approach. First, convert CLASSPATH to Unix path, then convert Unix path to Windows path.

local aPath=$1
local tempPath=””

osType=$(uname -s)
# Now make sure it is converted to work with Cygwin
case ${osType} in
# This is required since Java is running in windows and not CYGWIN
tempPath=”$(cygpath –path –unix ${aPath})”
pathValue=”;$(cygpath –path –mixed ${tempPath})”
* )

echo “${pathValue}”

This works beautifully and now all the jar files are loaded into the CLASSPATH.

* in front of path and unix are double dash


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