My experience – Certified Architecting MS Azure Solutions

What a journey! Finally, passed the Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect certification. I had to drop pretty much everything for last 2 months…almost 150 hours of study time – I logged my study time🙂. Here is the summary of my experience. In December last year, with 3 other colleagues, we went down to Redmond, WA to attend 4 […]

Putting it together – Yeoman, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Grunt, Jasmine, Karma

After going through Front-End JavaScript Framework course at, I decide to present something in our Lunch & Learn next week. In order to re-enforce my knowledge, I’ve built two small proof of concept web applications using technologies listed above – AngularJS application using task runners. With Yeoman, I was able to build/deploy really quickly without thinking […]

Presentation Technique Workshop

Have you ever seen your own presentation in a video? Unless you are a professional presenter, probably you haven’t seen your own presentation video. Yesterday, I had a presentation technique workshop and witnessed two of my presentations. First session was done in the morning without any feedback. After a feedback, another session in the afternoon. What […]

Book logging technique – BTMS

It has been almost half a year since I post something meaningful. My interest has been expanded to many different topics: robotics, arduino project, K12 STEM education since my trip to Peru & Bolivia. In my near future posting, I will write what I have been thinking and doing so far. I love reading books. After reading […]

Out of comfort zone

It was mentally and physically challenging environment. Most of cities are located between 3300 – 4200 m altitude, but I am glad that I have been there and back home safely. It was 17 days Peru and Bolivia trip. Below pictures are from Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.